Sunday, September 23, 2012

Infinity ALEPH Nagas Sniper


This post is about the ALEPH Nagas Sniper from the Infinity the Game range of miniatures. This was my first mini from this faction so I was a little apprehensive about the feel and style of the faction overall. Again, as with my other Infinity minis I started with the studio colors and veered off from there and make up my own color scheme.

I have to say that I think the mini is a great sculpt. The pose is very dynamic and really creates the over all mood of the figure. It's quite small at 28 mm so I'm inclined to say that lots of patience is needed when undertaking the painting of this mini.

The main colors I used are as follows. As usual, I mainly used Vallejo Model Color.

Base: Deck Tan
Highlight 1: Ivory
Highlight 2: White
Shadow 1: Germ.C.Beige WWII
Shadow 2: Violet

Base: Royal Purple
Highlight 1: Violet
Highlight 2: Sunny Skin Tone
Highlight 3: Ivory 
Shadow: Black, Dark Prussian Blue


Base: Black + Violet
Highlight 1: Ice YellowHighlight 2: White
Shadow: Black

It took about 10 to 15 hours over 15 days to complete this gal. I didn't vary the paint job much from the Studio color. The one thing that I did do was change her eyes. The original studio eyes are glowing pink with no pupils. I decided to change it because I wanted a little more feeling and expression, so instead her eyes are looking in the direction of her pointing fingers. I really wanted to create a strong mood.  

Also, as with my other minis I used bases from Dragon Forge (Forgotten Empires). I like this base set because it still has the hex shape that goes along with the futuristic world of Infinity but makes me think of the ruined look of an old, forgotten civilization. It hints at the strange and mysterious ruins of Paradiso where the ALEPH are fighting a pitched battle with the Combined Army and its master the E.I. (Evolved Intelligence).

I used Secret Weapon pigments and MIG pigments to get the dusty effect on the base.

So here are the some pics of the WIPs as well as the fully finished mini. 

I hope you like:



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