Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Infinity Nomad Spektrs Hacker

Hello everyone,

I hope all is well. So on to my next adventure with miniature painting. This next round is a Nomad Spektrs Hacker.

The Spektrs Hacker is part of the Nomad faction of Infinity the Game. She is part of the mid-release range of miniatures from Corvus Belli. At this time, they really stepped up their quality of sculpts. Compared to older miniatures in the Nomad range, the strength of their changes are really visible. I think the sculpt is spot on and really captures a moment in time, which is something Infinity is quite good at. It was a real pleasure to paint her and I look forward to painting more Nomads in the future.

This time around I decided to go with the studio colors: Orange, White, and Grey Brown. I did change a few things that I felt were out of place. I made some of the armor pieces white instead of brown, and went with a richer brown tone instead of the grey-brown of the studio colors. As before I used a Dragon Forge base. I did not use weather pigments this time because I wanted to create the look of her being inside a enemy star ship trying to hack into a door. In my opinion, probably not too much dust and dirt on a star ship, and the Nomad nation is on three very large star ships.

Just a side note - this mini came with a clear plastic sheet that had round, futuristic hacking screens of various sizes. I believe this came with all the mid-release hacker minis of each faction, but I don't think they are in the newer releases. I'm not quite sure though, so don't quote me on that. The print on the sheet was very dull and they were a pain to cut out. I did try cut one out and paint it up with brighter, "computerized-looking" colors but when I placed it on the mini it still looked pretty crappy so I decided to skip it.

Here are some of the colors that I used. Again I used Vallejo Model Colors.

Orange Parts,
Base: Calvary Brown + Orange Brown
Highlight 1: Orange Brown
Highlight 2: Sunny Skin Tone
Highlight 3: White
Shadow: Calvary Brown + Hull Red

White Parts,
Base: Pale Blue + Dark Blue Grey
Highlight 1: Pale Blue
Highlight 2: White
Shadow: Dark Blue Grey
Tones: Blue Green

Base: Black + Turquoise
Highlight 1: Sunny Skin Tone
Highlight 2: White
Shadow: Black

Brown Parts,
Base: Basalt Grey + German Camo Beige
Highlight 1: Deck Tan
Highlight 2: Ivory
Shadow: Basalt Grey + Chocolate Brown

The time it took me to paint the miniature was about 15 hours over 25 days. It took me a little more time to paint as my skills are improving and I wanted to do the mini justice.

At any rate here are the WIP pics and the Finished Pics

I hope you like,

 WIP 1

 WIP 2

And as always thanks for looking.

If you like what you see and are interested in a commission or if you have any questions about paint, techniques, or anything else regarding the Infinity Range, please leave a comment below or email at 

Thanks and happy painting,