Saturday, July 21, 2012

Infinity Swiss Guard

Hello all,

This post is about the PanOceania Swiss Guard miniature from the Infinity line. She is one of my favorites of the whole range. She has a very dynamic pose and there is a good sense of motion to the overall mini. Sometimes you do not see this in miniatures as a lot of minis come in very flat, static poses, but with this mini the sculptor did a fine job conveying a sense of motion.

When I paint I use Vallejo Model Color. I've used a lot of different paints through the years and at the moment I really like the Vallejo paint line. It does a nice job doing what I want it to do regarding control, coverage, and thickness. It is a thinner consistency and doesn't bulk up the way other paint lines have in the past. They have a great selection of different shades and colors and they mix really well with each other as well as other paint lines. I encourage everybody - if you haven't tried Vallejo paint, you should. The paint pigment tends to settle in the bottle though, so be sure to mix well before starting.

So here is a quick explanation of the color choices I used:
(If you need anymore info on the other colors please feel free to ask.) 

The main colors I used on the armor are:

Base - Prussian Blue + Field Blue + Hull Red 
First Highlight -  Field blue
Second Highlight  - Dark Sand
Third Highlight - White
Shadow - Dark Prussian Blue +Black

The main colors I used on the Cable Suit are:

Base - Prussian Blue
First Highlight - Turquoise
Second Highlight - Light Turquoise
Third Highlight - Blue Green
Fourth Highlight - White
Shadow - Dark Prussian Blue

I didn't vary too much from the Studio Colors. The one thing I did do - the metal on the the gun drum as the studio color had it all orange. I felt the orange seemed a bit much and was taking away from the rest on the mini so I changed it.

This particular mini took me about 10 hours spread over a two week period.

Luckily I did not have any issues through out the process of assembling and painting this particular mini, which was nice. I did have a few problems with the base and making it look weathered. I had to redo it a few times.

Overall this mini was a real joy to paint and I look forward to more PanOceana minis in the future.

So here are a few work in progress pics and the finished mini.

As always, hope you like :

First WIP

Second WIP

Thanks for looking!

If you are interested in a commission, please feel free to email at cullen dot knappen at gmail dot com

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