Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Infinity Haqqislam Ahl Fassed

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More adventures in miniature collecting and painting. This post is going to be about the Ahl Fassed from the Haqqislam faction of Infinity the Game.

To start with, this is an early mini from Infinity line. It was made in 2007 so it is one of the first in the faction. I really liked the character but it's pose is a little static which is common in the early days of the Game. One of the other odd things is that the mini is a female and it is easily mistaken for a male. Other than that, it's a great mini. The casting was smooth and the parts (there are two) went together easily.

Initially, I went with the studio colors for the color scheme. Personally, I really like the dark and light green color combo of the faction. However, I did end up changing a few things. The biggest change was the cable suit under the armor. The studio color was brown and I changed it to a dark blue/black with white highlights.

Here are the some of the colors that I used. Again, I use Vallejo Model Color most of the time.

Dark Green: 
Base Color: Luftwaffe Camo Green
Highlight 1: Golden Olive
Highlight 2: Sunny Skin Tone
Highlight 3: Sunny Skin Tone + Ivory
Shadow: Military Green

Light Green:
Base Color: Dead Flesh+ Luftwaffe Camo Green
Highlight 1: Dead Flesh (Vallejo Game Color)
Highlight 2: White
Shadow: Luftwaffe Camo Green
Tones: English Uniform

Base color: Black + Dark Prussian Blue
Highlight: White
Tones: Prussian Blue

The Base:
Base Color: Orange Brown
Highlight 1: Dark Sand
Highlight 2: Ivory
     Pigments (Secret Weapon and MIG):
              (SW) Terra Cotta Earth
              (MIG) Iraq Sand
              (SW) Ancient Earth

Also, I did a little battle damage with this mini and I used pigment to dirty up the armor. I think that it came out quite good and I really liked the effect.

I used Dragon Forge Bases: Desert Wasteland to get the feel of the Haqqislam's home planet Bourak.

So here are some WIP photos and the Finished Piece. I hope you like.


And as always thanks for looking.

If you like what you see and are interested in a commission or if you have any questions about paint, techniques, or anything else regarding the Infinity Range, please leave a comment below or email at 

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