Saturday, February 2, 2013

Infinity Ariadna's Duroc of Mirage - 5

Hello everyone,

A new adventure in Infinity miniature painting. This time around it's Duroc of the Mirage-5 Team from the Ariadna faction. I really like this mini. I like the style, the movement, and the overall feeling. The sculptor really captured the mood with the pose, facial expression, and action. The funny thing is a lot of people did not like it. I guess one issue is that in the game his weapon load out is different than the actual mini. To me that still does not take away from a fantastic sculpt and character.

With Duroc I would have to say it took me about 20 hours over a month. Again I went with the studio colors with a few changes - namely the fur. The studio color was white with gray shadows. I went with a warmer gray brown base and built from there.

Here are some of the colors that I used. Again, I used Vallejo Model Color.

Base: Luftwaffe Camo Green
Highlight 1: Golden Olive
Highlight 2: Sunny Skin Tone
Highlight 3: Sunny Skin Tone + Ivory
Shadow: Military Green

Base: Black + Dark Prussian Blue
Highlight 1: Flat Flesh
Highlight 2: Ivory
Shadow: Black

This mini came with it's own scenic base. I thought it looked like dried mud/clay with some rocks on the side so I painted it as such.

On a side note - when I posted this mini on my usual forums it seemed no one really liked it and I got some negative reviews. I was caught off guard by how nit-picky folks were all the way down to my mud not being muddy enough. This was an especially challenging mini as it was larger and had more organic lines and fewer hard edges. It's hard to put yourself out there only to hit a brick wall with the critical opinions that people share so freely. I have no objections to constructive criticism, but I was a little discouraged by the experience. In any case I am personally very satisfied with the finished product. Oh well - can't please everybody.

Here are the WIP pics and the finished piece,

I hope you like...



Thanks for looking.

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